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You Are Not Alone: What to do when your business is struggling Business and Emails That Don't Click 5 Things to Know Before You Send An Email Ad
There I was feeling as if the world was closing in on me. I had lost a client to unforeseen issues, except they shouldn’t have been unforeseen. Due to a series of seemingly un-related events that I failed to connect I had lost what could have been a great client.  With some solutions and advice that you can use to help you while you go through the next step.
The etiquette of dictating an email depends on the person you are sending it to. There are numerous differences between an email to a customer, and an email addressed to your best friend. We have compiled a small list that every business needs to know before another email is sent.
We send email ads out to thousands of people on behalf of our customers every week. We track and catalogue what emails get read, which ones flop, and why one is successful and the other isn’t. We have compiled a list that every Email Ad should have and when an email should be sent to increase your chances of getting your ad read.

Past AvailX Articles for Your Convenience
How to Have a Valuable Website
With the internet the biggest resource of information your website is becoming crucial to your business. That means that your website needs to be professional looking and easily navigated. There are many new trends out there, but these basic tips will forever stay true.
Business Continuity Plan - How to Create One
Are you ready if a disaster strikes? You buy insurance for your business, but what would happen if a natural disaster struck or some other calamity? You need a plan that will help your business continue if anything were to happen.
Email Don'ts That Still Happen and Need to Stop
Do you know how to email properly? Are you thinking everyone should already know how to do that? We do too. However, we have seen several common email mistakes that need to be corrected. Make sure that you are not committing any of the following mistakes:
5 Things to Keep in Mind When Contacting IT
Working in IT can, at times, be difficult and draining. From the other perspective it can be aggravating to try and communicate exactly what the problem is. So, in an effort to cut out some of the frustration for both the IT personnel and Customer Service Reps and you we have come up with five things that anyone contacting IT or Customer Support should keep in mind.
5 Things NOT to Have on Your Website
As a web hosting and web design company we have seen our share of ill-advised websites, and some that are in downright need of a make-over. Having a great site only takes some time and knowledge of what to look out for. We’ve put together five of the worst offenders found on any website.
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