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How to Have a Valuable Website
With the internet the biggest resource of information your website is becoming crucial to your business. That means that your website needs to be professional looking and easily navigated. There are many new trends out there, but these basic tips will forever stay true.

1. Easy Navigation
If someone can’t find your information or products easy they will leave the site and go somewhere else. This, of course, leads to loss of profit for you.

Easy navigation isn’t difficult and can be attained several different ways. he easiest is to ask someone (anyone who is not too-familiar with your company and website) to go through your website.

Then have them note out what was hard to find, what they liked, and what their suggestions might be to improving the navigation of the site. Since your site should be easy to navigate no matter the person you want to make sure everyone can use it.

Many companies offer this as free service so another great approach would be to contact several web-design companies to get their feedback. The points where they agree on are the key points you will want to focus on at first. If you are not going to make the changes yourself you can also request a quote. By asking several companies you are sure to get the best deal.

2. The Need for Good E-Commerce
If you are selling a product you need to be selling it from your website. When you are selling from the website it needs to be easy to order. Again, you can ask people to use your site and order, find out what they liked and what they didn’t like.

Ordering from your site needs to be as simple as your navigation. They need to be able to click on the product, order it, put in their billing and shipping information, and be finished. Even if there are many different things they can add to their order or make their order special you need to make it easy for them to do so.

3. Control Panel - Inventory
If the product is on your website it is available for purchase. It will infuriate your potential customers if the products you are displaying on your site are no longer available. A good control panel will allow you to add or delete products based upon your inventory.

Many control panels should allow you to track products based on stores and locations as well. By keeping your inventory up to date on your site you allow the best shopping experience for your customer.

4. Create a Newsletter
Keep in touch with your customers and in return offer them exclusive deals. People like to be in exclusive memberships. By offering incentives only found by receiving your newsletter you ensure that you have a higher chance of keeping a repeat customer. Your newsletter can be fun and informative. By show casing new products, telling a little more about your company, and offering them information in your industry your customers will look forward to receiving your newsletter.

5. Know Your Own Website
You need to know your website better than anyone. You need to know what your content says, what you are offering, what products you have, and how people contact you and order from you. If you go through your website a few times a month you will ensure that you catch errors, are current with information and products, and that potential customers are looking at a great representation of your business.

Would you like to know if your site is the best it can be?  AvailX can help you by doing an overview of your site with a report of our findings.  There is no fee involved and you are not obligated to use AvailX to correct any problems or issues we might find.  Get started today to improve your site.   Or you can contact us at 817-485-5658.