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Database Conversions
From old to new we convert it all!
QuickBooks to a Database or Database to QuickBooks
Not many people can claim to help you convert data to QuickBooks or QuickBooks to a database, but we can do just that. We have the ability to do so because we have created software that uses QuickBooks and so we know how the conversion works.

Your information is also completely protected and kept confidential, no over-the-website conversions where you can be exposed. We offer a safe, protected, effective, and timely conversion.

ACT! to Database
Many of our customers have converted from ACT! to a database and our experience in this is a benefit to you. We know exactly what is needed and how to convert your information quickly and professionally to another database. Our time effective strategy is perfect for you. (If you are looking for an Entertainment Booking Software check out our Booking Agency Software BKX  software.)

We can convert you from just about any software or database to any other database that you may need. We have the technology, are proven confidential, and all in a time effective manner.

Legacy Software
Old software meets new demands. We can convert any older files that you may have to the constantly new products that are being released and used.
  • DOS conversions
  • ANY old Microsoft applications conversions to new Microsoft (or whatever you need)
  • Custom Software conversions

Whatever kind of legacy software that you need converted we can do so quickly.

Desktop Software to Web Integration
Most business now need a software/web solution that works together and AvailX can provide that for their clients. If you have a software that you use and need to upload it and use it on your website, we can do that.

If you have a website and need to convert your web information to a desktop software we can do that too. Many of our clients are using this process and as the Internet grows exponentially we can keep up with the demand for an organized process that allows you to have access to your software and web information simultaneously.

For a free consult call us at 817-428-2125 or contact us here .