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Who is behind AvailX?  
A little bit about myself (for your curiosity): I'm a news junkie, music addict, and bug hater, except for roley-poley's.  They can stay.

I've been working in this industry since 1999.  In 2008 we began a new business venture that took the best of two companies and merged them together. We created AvailX to have a  deep desire to help businesses with their technology needs, and provide incredible software and web solutions that are innovative and functional.

In one of my earliest experiences I accidentally called a wrong number, and the voice on the other end asked if I knew where I had called. I answered no, and the voice asked where I was calling from, I replied, “Texas”. He then proceeded to say, “Well Texas you just called Brooklyn, New York. I hope you have a great day!” I said to him, “Thank you, I will and I hope you do too!”

From then on I wanted to be like that Brooklyn voice and welcome people, even if they were a wrong number. I'm proud of the atmosphere at AvailX, it is innovative, enduring, and a great place to be when you need help.  It is my promise and vow that if you come to AvailX that you will experience a different kind of technology solution company.

We keep communication open and you can contact us through any median that you like: Facebook, Google+,  and Twitter , Email &  or phone (303.482.1726 or 817.482.2125). You’ve come to AvailX because you are looking for something different, something better, and you won't be disappointed.

How did AvailX start?

AvailX came together in 2008 bringing together EBT  and Enter-Link.  EBT's software, Book-It, which is used by many booking agencies, was launched in 1986.  Starting in 2001 Enter-Link created e-commerce websites and started expanding to use desktop software that would push information from the desktop to the web and vice versa for customers.  EBT's Book-It was moving itineraries from the software to the websites for their clients.  By coming together we've created many new software programs and by offering our web development we've been able to expand our ability to help our clients.  We are on the cutting edge of technology and since we do it all here you are never charged for dealing with the middle man.

Our slogan has always been, Make our Clients Profitable Through Technology Solutions, and we stand by that. To get started all you have do is contact us here .  We guarantee solutions that will make you more profitable.

We are confident in our products, because our products are used. Our solutions were created to help keep our customers organized, up to date, and focused on what needs to be done and not worrying about something falling through the cracks. We do care about our customers and that is why we have come up with great solutions that will work in your demanding environment. 

If you too would like to be one of our valued customers or find out what AvailX can do for you, please contact us here . Or you can call us at 888-667-8574.