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5 Things to Know Before You
Send An Email Ad
We send email ads out to thousands of people on behalf of our customers every week. We track and catalogue what emails get read, which ones flop, and why one is successful and the other isn’t. We have compiled a list that every Email Ad should have and when an email should be sent to increase your chances of getting your ad read.

1. You Need a Good Subject Line
Your subject line is the title of your ad. It is the first thing your customer reads and it needs to intrigue them. Generic subject lines don’t get read as often, so it needs to be specific and convince the reader that they need to read what your email says. 

Bad Example: Bunnies for Sale! - Generic.  Looks like spam.  Good Example: Why Bunnies Make the Best Pets. The title makes the customer curious and more likely to click on your ad.  If you can get your customer curious or invested by the title the chances of them reading your ad increases dramatically.

2. Follow the Advertising Triangle
Readers look at advertising (and this includes websites) in a triangle. As demonstrated in the image, you have that triangle to get them interested to read below the triangle and to appeal to their visual pleasure. It should have color, but be very easy to read. Don’t clutter with text or with images. A clean look will appeal to the modern eye and appear professional.

Every point in the triangle should have your most important piece. You want your brand to appear, and the upper left corner is a great place for that. A product or special you want to feature should be in the lower right corner and either a great link or pertinent information should be in the lower left corner.

3. Create the Appropriate Reward
Every reader should receive a reward for reading your email ad. If its an exclusive deal, first dibs on new technology, or information that is crucial to their business. The reader wants a reward. 

When you are selling a product or service and you offer the same specials on your website as you do in your email ad then what is the purpose of the reader or customer to sign up for your “exclusive offers” if there aren’t any exclusive offers? There needs to be a reward for your customer or reader for going the extra mile.

4.Your Format Needs to Be Organized
The following image is a what NOT to do:

Why is this bad?

Color. Pick three main colors that you wish to use and compliment each other. You want it to be easy to read and appealing to the eye.

Times New Roman. There is nothing wrong with the font itself, but it is a default font, and sends the message that your reader is only worth the default. You don’t want to pick a font that people don’t have, but you don’t want to pick the default either. We recommend (Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, Georgia, or Trebuchet MS).

In this ad there is no organization. There are several ways to organize your ad, pick the one that best showcases the information you are conveying to the reader. Here are a few examples, but possibilities are limitless:
Pictures. Pictures are needed. They invite the reader in and give them something to look at. The picture needs to be relevant to what you are saying or what you are selling. Not so big that it takes over the whole email, but not so small that your reader has to squint to figure out what the photo is.
Text. If you are going to describe anything or type out more than a sentence remember that the text needs to be readable and concise. Paragraphs should be no longer than three sentences, and if those sentences are long they should only be two. You do not want your text to appear that it is going to take more a minute to read through.
Your link. Have a link to the product you are selling and your website address. You need to have a way for them to click to the site. You can even have the pictures link to either the product or your website. Make sure that it is a follow link, example: http://www.yoursite.com/index.aspx?SRC=EmailA

5. Know What Day to Send the Email Ad Out
There are good days to send out an email and there are bad days. The bad days to send out an email are Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You do not want to send out an email before, during, or after a weekend or a holiday. The best days to send an email out are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, when people are most likely to welcome the email. 

Would like some expert help with your email ad? Email here  or you can contact us at 817-485-5658.