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What We Provide
Avail X offers you an easy and affordable website.  Our standard package is listed below, but all of our websites are customizable for your needs.

We work with you to make sure that you receive the website you want in the time you need it.  If you are unsure what you need or how to even start we have a list of things needed to get a website started.

We also provide wonderful customer service, so if there is every anything you need you can contact us by phone 888-667-8574 or you can submit an email to us here

Web Design Rates

  Standard Unique Integrated
Pages 5 5 Unlimited
Extra Pages $45 a page $45 a page Part of Quote
Design Template Unique Design Unique Design
Content You Provide You Provide We Help
Keywords You Provide You Provide We Help
Cost $395.00 $495.00 Custom Quote
All Packages Includes:
  • 1 Website (which is 5 pages).  You can decide what four pages you want, but standard is: Home, About Us, Contact Us, and a Services page.
  • 6 months free hosting are provided with a two year contract.

Add Ons for Customizable Website:

  • Content - where Avail X writes your content (verbaige) for you.
  • Custom Templates. - Where a unique design is made up for you.
  • In-Take Information - Create a page that allows you to intake information from a customer on your website and have it mailed to you. Ex: Billing Info, Submission Forms
  • Scheduling Appointments Online.
  • E-Commerce/Shopping Cart.

How the Process Works:

  • You can email or call us and we will discuss with you what your needs and wants are for your website
  • A quote and time line for design will be sent to you based upon your conversation with the designer.
  • Once you decide to proceed you will select a template from Avail X you wish to use or provide several websites that you like so we can create a unique design just for you.
  • Once the design is created and approved you can provide the content (verbaige) and pictures desired (that aren't part of the design).
  • Once design and website are completed the site goes into a testing phase.
  • Once approved from testing phase the site will be taken live.
To get your website started click here, or you can call us at 888-667-8574.