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Email Don'ts That Still Happen and Need to Stop
Do you know how to email properly? Are you thinking everyone should already know how to do that? We do too. However, we have seen several common email mistakes that need to be corrected.  Make sure that you are not committing any of the following mistakes:

1. Learn your BCC – Blind Copy
This extra email address holder is your best friend. This allows you to place any email and as many emails as you need, and when the email sends out those email addresses are hidden. This gem protects the email address, and with spam so rampant keeping emails safe is a big priority. 

Are you sending out a funny email to several friends? Place your email address into the To field and place everyone else’s into the BCC. This protects your friend’s email address, so that even if another friend replies or forwards the email on, their email addresses will never be exposed.

2. Learn how to delete.
We enjoy a funny email as much as anyone else, but nothing annoys us and others as much as having to scroll tons of FW: and others email addresses from those who also found the email funny. We encourage the forward email, but be sure to delete out as much as you can (especially other people’s email address) before sending on.

3. Stop requiring a Return Receipt on all emails.
This is fine to use on emails that you do need a return receipt on (although if you are like many you’ve set the option in your account to ignore the return receipt request).

4. No more monstrous pictures or files
With the invention of Facebook, Photobucket, and any other photo site you no longer have to email out huge photos that take more than a moment to download. Huge files are still an issue, and if you can use a compress file (we like WinZip!). You can also send more than one email if you have a lot of information to send.

5. Check your facts.

No matter what you are sending out you need to check to see what you are saying is accurate. If you are sending a piece of news, have several sources to back you up (including the link to where you found the news is also good too). There is also Snopes.com that will tell you if the news you are about to pass on are true or false.

6. Be weary of attachments.
If you don’t know the person who sent you the email don’t open it. If you are suspicious of the email (even if it is from someone you know) DON’T OPEN IT! If you are unsure you can always email that person and find out if they sent you an email with an attachment.

7. Don’t follow the link.
Even if the email you received is legit from your bank do not follow the link! Go to your Internet browser and type in the URL yourself. There are many emails that come from spammers that are really hard to detect and a great way for them to get your info is for you to click on a link, have it look exactly like the site it should be going to, and steal your information. Don’t do it. Anything of financial worth will not be in an email.

8. Don’t send out your own email campaign.
Spamming is an offense and there are many rules that you must obey by in order to correctly send out mass emails. If you don’t your email can be blocked and you can face some serious trouble. If you would like to send out an email campaign locate a company that does that (we here at AvailX are available, but use any company who is set up for it).

Your email address is worth something so keep it and you protected. Once your email address is given over to spammers it will be hard to irradiate Spam forever, but there are some great programs out there that can help control and cut down.

Need some help with your email? . Or you can contact us at 817-485-5658