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A list of our offered software is listed below.  If you would like to become a valued customer click here.

BKX-- is our booking solution software. 

Features include: -- when contract goes out -- when contract comes back -- monies due -- if contracts are re-issued, Venues / Liaisons, Artist Itineraries, Custom Contracts, Venue Schedules, Emails out contracts, reports, and itineraries, Global Names (Contacts) table with extended information in-take page. Keeps track of Agencies, Managers, Organizations, Promoters, and Producers. All monetary transactions for a contract. Agent Commissions, When dates are booked, paid, played. Keeps track of forecasted earnings. Keeps track of deposit dues. Can print Late Notices Can print contract Cover Letters, Offer Forms, Advance Sheets and any other customized document. Package/Tour Features, External Artist Functions, Production/Settlement Sheets Keeps track of Projects, Things to Do, and Phone Messages. Intake Pages (offer sheets), Customizable Fields, Budget tracking. Keeps track of all travel arrangements. - And so much more!

* Older versions are referred to as Book-It 2000

Office Avail -- 

Contacts, Things to Do, Email and Phone Messages, much more! 

Features Include: Keeps track of phone messages. Keeps track of email messages from Book-It 2000. Holds your Projects/Deal Trackers. Keeps track of Things to Do. Can set your electronic sticky notes. Has a personal calendar that you can use.

You can track phone messages for everyone in the office (and keep track of it in a database).

Artist Avail --

A smaller version of BKX and now offering a web platform version
Artist Avail Network allows you to keep track of all your booking needs.

Features Include: AAN keeps track of your Artists, Contacts, Venues, and Liaisons (Purchasers, Buyers, etc.) Our Contacts allow you to keep track of everyone's name, number, cell number, email, and website. So you can look up anyone and instantly have their information right there.  Create engagement/contracts using your Artists, Venues, and Liaison then print or email a printed form from the internet. All Engagements/Contracts can keep track of money due and money paid.  We offer four (4) different types of Itineraries.  1. View a calendar of all of your agency's dates. 2. View specific artists dates.  3. View schedules of events.  4. Create an embedded itinerary to put on your website.  Post an Artist's Holds or Blocks, which is checked when adding an Engagement/contract so there is no double-booking, and the holds/blocks also display on their own calendar. Artist Avail Network can also be used in conjunction with our current software, BKX or the AAN software.

Agent Avail --

Agent Avail is a software our Avail X team developed with the Agent in mind. Features include: viewing, editing and tracking your artists.  You can put holds and blocks on artists calendars, view artist itineraries, view and schedule venues, create, edit, and manage your contacts. Best of all, everything is located in one place and at your fingertips for your convenience.

Venue Avail --
Coming Soon!