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Avail Network is a Texas based company.  Our owner created his own software program to organize the bookings for his band back in the 80's.  With his experience and knowledge in the area of Bookings we believe he has a great product to offer those in need of Booking Software.  Our system can be web-based or software based for your personal computer.  We also offer a Mobile App for our program.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce our company to you.  Take a moment to review our company's options for you: 
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Avail X Software

"No Credit Card Necessary"

Artist Avail

  Agent Avail
  • A web-based program that makes scheduling your artist effortless
  • Add, edit, review and manage your artists, venues, liasons (buyers, purchasers) profiles
  • Book and schedule artists, venues, etc.
  • Add, edit and manage engagements for artists and venues
  • Search your artist data for current offers and dates
  • Access data on your phone with our Mobile Booking app
  • A web-based program that makes scheduling your artist effortless
  • Keep track of payments, deposits, or comissions in one location
  • Print or email contracts to artists, vendors, or purchasers.
  • Convenient reminders can be placed on your system for follow-up
Calendars Venue Avail
Coming Soon
  • Automatically updated when engagements are booked, changed or cancelled
  • Shows all details of booked events (Artist, time and location)
  • View, email, embed or print a single day or month
  • Can be search and viewed by Artist and/or Venue
  • Search for Artist itineraries on our Calendar software
  • Pull up your daily schedule with our Mobile Booking app
  • A web-based program that makes Venue Management effortless
  • Everything located in one location (Scheduling, Bookkeeping, Calendar and Address book)
  • Simple to use program with everything being one click away
  • Completely online (no software to install or update)
  • Support help via tutorials, emails or online remote assistance
Customization BKX
(New Version of Book-It)
  • Appearance can be altered to show your company's style
  • You can have basic or complete customization of site
  • We can customize contracts with your company logo
  • Allow us to create a website for your company and integrate with our software.
  • Software based program to keep track of your artists, venues, agents, organizations, etc.
  • Keep all your contacts for the above modules in one place.
  • Create contracts in a program that is designed for you.
  • Search and create reminders specific to each client.
Office Avail
Custom Programs

  • Calendars and Itineraries
  • Things to do
  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Messages
  • Mobile Apps
  • Push Sync for all Devices
  • Customize your Websites
  • Email hosting
  • Website hosting