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Web Site Division
Due to our increasing client volume we have streamlined our request process for your convenience.  To ensure customer satisfaction we have listed below a standard time estimate of our services. Unless otherwise notified your request will be completed in the time frame below. For any further questions you can contact us here .

* All requests must be submitted by email  or our ticket processing.

Service Time Expected
Web Edit (Paragraph or less) 2 Business Days
Web Edit (Larger than a paragraph) 3 Business Days
Adding Products for Site 3 Business Days
Email Ad Creation 2 Business Days
Email Ad Blast Send 2 Business Days Notification
* Can request expedited service for fee
Creating Promo or Discounts 2 Business Days Notification
In Take Forms 5 Business Days (Creation, Testing, Implementing)
Creation of Website Time Line will be included in Quote and Contract
SEO Page Ranks You will receive notification of what day your rankings will come out.
Coding Changes Custom Time Estimate based on request
Creating Contract & Other Forms 1 Form  = 3 Business Days
2 Forms = 4 Business Days
3 Forms = 5 Business Days
Edit of Contract & Other Forms 3 Business Days