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Are you looking for a job where you can work from home?

We are a small but growing company in a "production" environment, needing to more effectively communicate with our clients; potential clients and support a growing editing service. We have been in business since 1986, and have yet to have had a dull day. We have immediate openings for someone who has excellent writing / communication skills. Knowledge of basic web-page design is an extreme plus. Need to have great grammatical skills and be able to spell.

This position would be excellent for some one who is wanting gain additional experience for public relations; publication experience; and/or to final use some of those writing skills you have developed. 100% of the work is from your computer... wherever you are at.

We currently have positions open for a Communications Specialist. Duties would include the following:

Need to be available (as a rule) from 10am CST to 3pm CST, M-F. Number of work hours per week will vary, but usually 10-20 hours per week. We are looking for individuals that : • Have great voice skills.
• Willing to learn new things.
• Want to help and assist clients.
You are looking for, and want to:
• Work from home.
• Learn new things.
• Resolve challenging issues.
• Have a flexible work hours.
• To only work on weekends, one Saturday every 6 weeks (and never on Sunday).

Although a proven track record of great a work ethic is necessary, equally important is:
• Willing to learn new things.
• A great dependable broad-band internet connection.
• An area at your home/apartment from which you can work.
• Change directions and priorities as fast as the weather changes.

Position Overview
Position supports our clients using our software and Internet services. Starting hourly rate depends on your experience, aptitude and attitude. This is an excellent position for stay-at-home parents, whose kids are in school, college students or anyone wanting a part-time job working from home.

About Us : We are a small mom/pop tech company ( and We have been in business since 1987. We will train you in all the technology that you would need, but we assume that you can use Excel, WORD and basic technology functions.

To speed things up, it might be helpful to include a cover letter that answers some of these questions:
Do you have access to broad-band internet service?
If currently employed, why are you leaving your current position?:
Why are you interested in our position?:
What is it, that you want to accomplish, by getting this position:
Any questions for us?
Please feel free to add any other information/background data that you would like for us to know.


Specific Work Functions:

You will be trained on our software programs prior to taking support calls.

If you are honest, dependable, willing to put fort extra effort (on your own time) to hone your skills) and have an extreme desire to learn and get started in writing, editing  - this job is yours!

10-20 hours per week.  Anytime you want to work.
You can work in your pajamas, or from a beach, at home ... et al.
Pay is based upon your results. Pay starts at $ 10 per hour.

Dates/Times are somewhat flexiable. Current position's hours are 10am CST to 3pm CST, M-F. We can work with you in between those times.
For instance, if you are a stay-at-home parent, we expect that you will need to be able to go pick-up your child from school, go to certain school activities, among other things.

We are open from 6am-7pm M-F, and Saturday 10-4.  However **NO** work on Sundays (even off-site).

The Interview Process:

... Please read this carefully, BEFORE submitting your resume.
Our interview process for remote positions requires the following:

Contact: Kelli Helmuth via email at:  positions @